Airpods Pro vs Beats Powerbeats Pro

Airpods Pro vs Beats Powerbeats Pro: A wild match !

Welcome to the match between Apple's latest headphones, the Airpods Pro, and the Powerbeats Pro, the latest creation from Beats by Dre. Make yourself comfortable to watch this great match, and you'll know at the end of it which of these headphones is best for you ! 

The term 'pro' is so overused that it seems to have lost its meaning. It no longer necessarily means that you have to be a professional user to get the most out of them, but simply that the company is offering what it does best in this range. The Powerbeats Pro and the Airpods Pro are two very different looking wireless headphone models, but with a similar price tag. What are the major differences between Beats and Airpods?

Which of the Airpods Pro and Beats Powerbeats Pro fit your ears better?

The original Airpods were notorious for not fitting well in the ears, but that flaw has been corrected with the arrival of the Airpods Pro. The Pro range of Apple earphones come with three different sized silicone tips that clip onto the end of the earphones, making them a much more versatile fit for all human ear shapes. Compared to conventional Airpods, the in-ear fit offers much better isolation and more intense immersion.


Similarly, the Powerbeats Pro are also equipped with three different sized ear tips, except that they also have an ear hook. Even if the tip falls out of your ear, at least you know that your earphones will be held in place by the ear hook. Anyone who has ever dropped a single real wireless earphone on the street knows how useful this kind of option can be. The original design contrasts with the sobriety of the Airpods Pro, but we prefer to emphasise the practicality of the Powerbeats.

Goal : Powerbeats Pro 0-1

Are the Powerbeats Pro more suitable than the Airpods Pro for sports use?

The Powerbeats Pro are the winners here because, unlike the Airpods Pro, they have full playback controls, including volume, so you never have to reach for your phone in the middle of a session. On top of that, the Powerbeats Pro and their hook design keeps them from flying off even during the most intense workouts as we mentioned earlier.

This ear hook may not seem like much of a help during a workout, but by increasing the overall size of each earbud, they distribute their weight more evenly across your ear. They're also much easier to spot in case they fall out, which is much less likely.

But the Airpods Pro are not to be outdone. They also have the same IPX4 sweat and water resistance and hold up very well in the ears. However, the lack of a volume control means you'll have to reach for your phone every time you want to turn the volume down, unless you don't mind being the weirdo talking to Siri in the gym.

Goal :  Powerbeats Pro (0-2)

Which pair of headphones has the best features?

If you're not planning to lift weights in the gym, perhaps you're just concerned about which pair of headphones has the best features. If that's what you're looking for, then the way forward is clear, get the Airpods Pro. Not only have the Airpods been redesigned from the originals, but they also have some new and improved features that take the Powerbeats Pro out of the running

On the one hand, there's the new Active Noise Cancellation system, which is surprisingly good considering the size of these headphones and the size of the microphones they must contain. On the other hand, the Airpods have a transparency mode that is one of the best we've used in a pair of headphones. Rather than letting you hear what's going on around you, these headphones almost amplify those sounds and give you a kind of machine-assisted hearing that could earn you a spot in the Avengers! We're exaggerating a bit of course, but it's really useful as all you have to do is give the AirPod Pro a long squeeze to activate it and hear exactly why your train will be stopped in the near future.

While Active Noise Cancellation is meant to help you block out the world around you, the release of iOS 14 brings spatial audio to the Airpods Pro which aims to immerse you further in your content. This feature is compatible with content mixed in 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, in addition to Dolby Atmos. Apple's approach to spatial audio uses the Airpods Pro's gyroscope and accelerometers to determine the earpiece's position relative to your iOS device. This promises to provide an immersive experience with accurate spatial reproduction, making it feel like you're in another reality than your own. For now, spatial audio is only compatible with a handful of apps, including Apple TV, Disney+, Plex and HBO Max.

Goal : Airpods Pro (1-2)

Do the Powerbeats Pro have better battery life than the Airpods Pro ?

Yes, and there's not even a match on that point. As for battery life, just look at the statistics. Based on the projections Apple provides for each product, it's safe to say that the Powerbeats Pro will outlast the Airpods Pro here (9 hours versus 4.5 hours, respectively), but that's not good enough for us. That's why we run our own battery test where we play music at a constant 75dB output until the battery dies.

We were able to push just over 10 hours of constant playback from the Powerbeats Pro. Compare that to the five hours we managed to get from the Airpods Pro, and it's clear which is better here. Of course, both have a fast charging feature, but again, one is better than the other. The Powerbeats Pro will give you 1.5 hours in about five minutes in the case, while the Airpods Pro can only give you one hour in five minutes.

Goal : Powerbeats Pro (1-3)

Which has better microphone quality, the Airpods Pro or the Powerbeats Pro ?

A lot of people use their headphones to take phone calls, and fortunately both the Powerbeats Pro and the Airpods Pro are pretty good at it. However, the Airpods Pro has a slight advantage when it comes to the low frequencies of your voice. The Powerbeats Pro tends to hover slightly below the 0dB mark in the 100-300Hz range, which means that some of the low and mid-range sounds in your voice won't come through as loudly as they are slightly de-emphasised by the microphone.

The Airpods Pro, on the other hand, hover around 0dB up to 1000Hz. It's a bit uneven, but the overall effect will be a more natural voice at the other end, if there are no other issues affecting the quality of your microphone.

Overall, the Powerbeats Pro are better at rejecting noise (but not as good against wind). While neither option is bad here, we recommend the Airpods Pro if you use phone calls or need to record your voice.

Goal : Airpods Pro (2-3)

Which is more mobile ?

Some would argue that the point of true wireless headphones is convenience. Just take these clever little guys out of their case, put them on, and you're ready to go about your business.

So which one is more convenient? Obviously, it's the Airpods Pro. The case is only slightly larger than the original Airpods and is just as well built and easy to slip into your pocket. The Powerbeats Pro's carrying case, on the other hand, is a large bulbous case that's best suited to sports bags and backpacks. If you intend to carry a bag all the time, this may not matter much to you. But if you tend to go out with nothing but your wallet and keys, then the Airpods Pro is hard to beat.

Goal : Airpods Pro (3-3)

So should you buy the Airpods Pro or the Powerbeats Pro?

For those keeping score at home, this means that when you put these two true 'pro' wireless headphones head to head, which is 'better' depends entirely on what you like in a set of true wireless headphones. That's not to say that the models shown here aren't great pairs of headphones in their own right, especially if you're the kind of person who's going to use these headphones to go to the gym. Most people, however, will opt for the better value Airpods Pro for its noise reduction and portability.

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