Airpods vs Airpods Pro

Airpods or Airpods Pro? The ultimate comparison !

The Airpods Pro are, without a doubt, the culmination of years of work by Apple in the field of wireless headphones. Not only are they exceptionally easy to set up, but they also come with a host of new features like noise cancellation and adaptive equalization.

That said, they're also much more expensive than the standard Airpods, and this has led many Apple customers to wonder if they're really worth upgrading to the next generation of wireless headphones, or if they should just stick with the cheaper Airpods that were released earlier this year.

The answer will be different for everyone, but to help you understand which Airpods model is right for you, the Custom Airpods team broke down the eight main differences between the standard Airpods (Airpods 1 and 2) and the Airpods Pro :

Difference #1: Airpods Pro have noise cancellation

Probably the most notable difference is that Airpods Pro actually use active noise cancellation instead of relying solely on passive noise reduction from the earbuds. The level of noise cancellation on the Airpods Pro can be customized and can even be set to transparent mode so you can hear what's going on around you without having to remove the earbuds.

Unfortunately, the standard Airpods don't offer any level of active noise cancellation, and only offer a noise-cancelling effect through their waterproofing.

Difference #2: Airpods Pro are water resistant

If you plan on taking your Apple earbuds to the gym, you should probably pick up the Airpods Pro, which are much more resistant to water and sweat.

That doesn't mean you should take your new high-end Airpods Pro into the shower! If they stay submerged for too long, they will simply be unusable. If you're looking for something you can take into the pool, you'll need a pair of waterproof headphones.

 Avis Airpods Pro

Difference #3: Airpods Pro have custom tips

When it comes to finding the right pair of earbuds to fit your ear, Airpods Pro will offer more customization than the standard Airpods, which are all one size fits all: You'll find a number of tips in the box. If you're not sure which one to use, Apple will even help you find the right fit with a quick audio test that analyzes your ear structure.

Embouts Airpods Pro

Difference #4: Airpods Pro have a pressure valve inside

If you've ever felt uncomfortable wearing in-ear headphones, it's because there's a small, but harmless, amount of pressure building up inside your ear. To combat this, Airpods Pro uses a very small pressure valve to reduce that unpleasant feeling inside your ear.

 Réduction de bruit airpods pro

This is a small benefit of the Pro series, but one worth considering, especially if you have sensitive ears and can't stand traditional earbuds.

Difference #5: Airpods Pro have adaptive EQ

Inside the buds themselves are also internal microphones that can measure volume. These are absolutely essential for effective noise cancellation, but as a bonus, can also be used for features like adaptive equalization that optimizes sound quality based on your physiology.

 Volume Airpods Pro

How does it work? According to Apple, Airpods Pro "automatically adjusts the low and mid-range frequencies" using a custom dynamic range amplifier that "produces pure, incredibly clear sound while extending battery life." How cool is that?

Difference #6: Airpods Pro offer a wider soundstage and a slight improvement in clarity

While there isn't a significant difference between the audio performance of the two lines of Airpods, many people have noticed a slightly wider soundstage and a slight improvement in overall clarity when using the Airpods Pro. This is likely due to the fact that the Airpods Pro have a slightly wider frequency range and a slightly larger chamber that allows the sound to expand more. As a result, avid users have noticed a noticeable improvement in sound quality on their favorite music.

Difference #7: Airpods Pro are shorter and stronger than their predecessors

Okay, so this is more of an aesthetic difference than a functional one, but Airpods Pro are a bit shorter and stronger than regular Airpods: The iconic earbud tips don't go as far down into your ear with Airpods Pro, but they do cover more of your ear canal.

Difference #8: Airpods Pro are much, much more expensive

Finally, a category where regular Airpods win the round: At €279, Airpods Pro are significantly more expensive than regular Airpods. Count on €179 for Airpods 2 earphones in their standard charging case and €229 if you want a wireless charging case. (Apple price)

Are there any similarities ?

So far we've mostly pointed out the differences between the two models, but the two Apple wireless earbuds also have a lot in common.

First of all, both models have similar sized casings and a battery life of about 5 hours per charge. In addition, they both have 24 hours of listening time including charging the case. They also have a relatively similar sound quality, with only a few differences in sound ambiance and clarity. Only the most sensitive users will notice the difference.

They both use the new Apple H1 wireless chip that enables hands-free "Say Siri" functionality, and work seamlessly with iOS.

Which ones should you buy ?

If you're bothered by outside noise at work or on the go, need water resistance for the gym, or are sensitive to pressure in your ears, it's probably worth paying a little more and getting the comfort of the Airpods Pro.

But if your main concerns are sound quality or battery life, you can save a hundred bucks by sticking with the basic Airpods.

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Whether you choose the classic or Pro Airpods, protection is essential to ensure their longevity. Custom Airpods offers hundreds of protective cases and covers to keep your earphones safe from bumps and scratches. Take advantage of our advice to customize your Airpods with style !