Galaxy Buds+ vs Apple Airpods Pro

Galaxy Buds+ vs Apple Airpods Pro: Which earphones to choose ?

The time of wired headphones is over, let's make way for Bluetooth headphones !

Unlike connected watches, whose popularity has never really taken off, this new generation of headphones has had a real impact on the sound consumption of millions of users around the world. New players have entered the market, such as Jabra, Bang and Olufsen or Google and its Pixel Buds (which we will test very soon), but it is Samsung and Apple that are really making their mark on this fast-growing market.

Autonomy, shock and water resistance, ambient noise reduction, sound quality, compatibility, latency ... So many important things to pay attention to before choosing your wireless earphones.

Don't panic, here is our comparison of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and Apple Airpods Pro, you will find the advantages, disadvantages and our personal opinion on both products, so you can choose the earphones that best suit your needs.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ A powerful battery

The experience of Samsung in connected accessories close to the world of Smartphone is no longer to demonstrate. It offers us once again an accessory with a very nice finish, simple and intuitive to use. However, we could criticize the lack of effort of Samsung for this new generation of Galaxy Buds because they look very similar to their predecessors. They just have an extra microphone and a glossy finish on the charging case. The fit, size and comfort remain unchanged.

If the design of the Galaxy Buds+ is very good and compact, allowing to keep a certain discretion as well as an easy transport in the pocket, we must admit that in terms of sound, the result is rather disappointing. This is not a disaster, we are not dealing here with mediocre headphones, but we could expect much better from Samsung. The restitution of the sounds is rather unbalanced, and the whole lacks precision with basses which will tend to lose power when the sound goes up.

And it is not the very important latency of more than 300ms that will improve the image of the Galaxy Buds+. In terms of sound quality, we can say that the Buds+ are correct, without overshadowing the competition. But if the sound is not worthy of the greatest music lovers for music or movies, it must be said that where the Galaxy Buds+ are very convincing is on the quality of calls. The built-in microphone works very well even in windy or noisy environments.

But the best thing about the Galaxy Buds+ is what Samsung has mastered for a long time: the battery. The Korean brand's wireless headphones last up to 11 hours on a single charge and up to 22 hours when recharged in their case. Note also that the case allows wireless charging, so it is possible to recharge the Buds + by simply putting them on a wireless charging platform or directly on a smartphone compatible with wireless charging reverse.

The advantages of the Buds+ :

  • Great battery
  • Affordable price
  • Compact design
  • Undeniable call quality
  • Acceptable sound quality
  • Controls on the headphones
  • Wireless charging

The disadvantages of the Buds+ :

  • Average sound quality
  • High latency

samsung galaxy buds Plus

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (169 €)

Apple Airpods Pro - Unmatched sound quality

ecosystème apple airpods pro

Let's face it, the Airpods Pro are only recommended if you already own an iPhone. If you have another smartphone, as is often the case with Apple, the interest is almost nil, because most of the features are not available on an Android, for example. Apple remains master of its connected ecosystem and this is felt right down to the earphones.

In terms of design, the 2 models are quite similar. Smaller, more discreet and less strange than the first generation Airpods, the Airpods Pro have silicone tips to perfectly fit the ear canal. Each box of Airpods Pro is sold with three sets of ear tips of different sizes, so the earphones can fit the ear of all users.

The quality of the materials is excellent, both in the earphones and the case. With IPX4 certification, the Airpods Pro are even usable in the rain (they are not waterproof, they will not resist swimming in the pool).

The big advantage of the Airpods Pro for Apple device owners is their complete integration into the ecosystem. In addition to their ultra-smooth connection with your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or even your Mac, the features offered by the earphones can be activated directly via the stem by a simple pinch. You can interact with Siri, your music or even activate and deactivate the noise reduction which, by the way, is remarkably effective and almost comparable to that of headphones. Note that ambient noise reduction is an option that you won't find on the Galaxy Buds+.

As for the sound quality of the Aipods Pro, we can safely say that it is one of the best proposals on the market, the quality and general rendering of listening is remarkable. Neither the bass, nor the mediums, nor the highs are in retreat. The latency as for it wants to be almost imperceptible (150ms).

The main weakness of Airpods Pro is undoubtedly their autonomy. All these features are power hungry and the autonomy is not infinite in such a product. In normal use, count up to 5h30 of autonomy in a charge, if you activate the active noise reduction, it falls to 4h30. The box more or less compensates for this problem with up to four full recharges possible, and compatibility with wireless Qi charging.

The advantages of the Airpods Pro :

  • Great sound quality
  • Active noise reduction system
  • Comfortable
  • Multiple features
  • Qi wireless charging
  • 4 colors available
  • Customizable
  • Minuses

The disadvantages of the Airpods Pro :

  • Not recommended for a non-Apple smartphone
  • Limited autonomy
  • The Price (279 €)

  airpods pro apple Apple Airpods Pro (279 €)

In conclusion, although they look like the Airpods Pro (€279) in their design, the features and price (€169) of the Samsung Galaxy Buds are closer to those of the first generation Airpods.

The comparison between the two products even seems unfair as the price difference is felt in the sound quality and features of the earphones.

If you have an Apple or Samsung smartphone, it is recommended to stay in the same ecosystem and choose the complementary earphones, but if you are looking for the ultimate wireless earphones, your choice should logically turn to the Airpods Pro.