How do I locate my Airpods?

Find your Airpods effortlessly

After a long day at work or simply because we are sometimes a little bit absent-minded, we all tend to put down the objects that clutter us up anywhere. And Airpods are no exception, how many times have you had to spend long minutes looking for them? Looking for what you've lost is always a bad time, especially when you're in a hurry and about to leave.

Stop stressing, Apple offers us a simple and effective solution to easily find our precious headphones.

You probably already know the Locate application that allows you to easily locate your iPhone, your Mac, your iPad, or your Apple Watch. Since the IOS 10.3 update it is also possible to locate your Airpods and Airpods Pro, you can make them ring and display their position on the map to be able to find them quickly.

How does it work exactly?

Location can help you find your lost Airpods. If you've already set up the app with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that you use with your Airpods, then it's automatically activated for your Airpods. So if your Airpods are lost, out of their case, and somewhere nearby, you can use Location to find them. If your Airpods are out of range of all your devices, if they've been discharged, or if they're in their case, the app can still help you by showing you the time and place they were last connected.

View your Airpods on the map

Find your Airpods quickly by displaying their position on the map. There are two ways to do this, connect to ICloud via your computer or use the Locate application on your Apple device.

Location shows you the location of all your Apple devices on which you are connected with the same Apple ID.

Make your Airpods ring

  1. In the Devices list, find your Airpods and click on them.
  2. Select "Play Sound". If your Airpods are separated, you can mute one of the two earbuds by tapping Right or Left to find them each in turn.
  3. If your Airpods are in line with each other, they will immediately play a sound (for 2 minutes). These steps only apply if the Airpods are connected to your Apple device. If your Airpods are offline, you will be able to see the date and their last known location on the map. You'll also receive a notification the next time they're near your iPhone, iPod or iPad where your Airpods are connected.
  4. To turn off the headphones' ringer, put your headphones back in their case or click "Stop" in the Locate application.