What if my Airpods get washed out ?

Did you leave your Airpods in your jacket or jean pocket and put them in the washing machine? You're probably terrified that they won't work anymore, maybe you didn't even try to turn them on! Here's what to do if you wash your Airpods

Are the Airpods Waterproof or at least partially waterproof ?

There is a myth floating around that Airpods are waterproof. They aren't. This probably comes from the fact that the new Airpods Pro are waterproof and sweatproof. Since the original model was not waterproof, this improvement in the Airpods Pro allows them to resist moisture to some extent, they handle sweat very well during your sports sessions and also tolerate light rain for a short time.

But no, none of the Airpods models are waterproof, and neither is their charging case, so taking them into the shower or pool is a very bad idea. But forgetting your earphones in a pocket before putting them in the washing machine doesn't necessarily mean they're completely out of order.

The move that can save your Airpods

So you've just realized that you've washed your Airpods. Dry the earphones and case as soon as possible. First, grab a paper towel and a dry cotton swab. Then, remove the Airpods from the case and start drying everything as best you can.

You should not plug in the case within 12 hours of exposure to water. Also, do not put the headphones back in the case. Leave the devices in a dry place at room temperature.

Try silica gel

You've heard that a bag of rice works wonders for electronics exposed to water. There is some debate as to whether or not this is true. What is true is that silica gel is excellent at absorbing moisture.


This is why manufacturers ship small bags of silica gel with many devices. If you don't have bags of silica gel at home, try going to your local supermarket. They should have some available.

Then, put the Airpods in a zippered waterproof bag if possible with some silica gel packets and leave them like that for a few days, do the same for the case making sure to leave the lid open. This will hopefully get all the water out of your headphones.

After a few days in the dry, try listening to your music normally. Usually the earphones will still work, but the electronics may be damaged and your Airpods may have lost sound quality.

What about Airpods Pro ?

Airpods Pro are water and sweat resistant, which means they can withstand a splash. That said, this resistance wears off over time and is by no means enough to guarantee that your earphones will emerge from their adventure in the washing machine unscathed.

As with the Classic Airpods, dry your earphones thoroughly and keep them dry with a few bags of silica gel or in rice for a few days.

Subscribe to AppleCare+

AppleCare+ is Apple's program that lets you "insure" your devices. Sure, it's not a cheap service, but the program covers you for as many accidental damages as possible.

If you wash the Airpods with the case and need to replace them, subscribing to AppleCare+ gets you free replacement earphones.

Keep the serial number

After washing your Airpods, there's no real way to keep track of the damage done, especially if they don't turn on. The worst part is that you may not be able to give Apple the serial number of your Airpods if it was partially erased during washing. You can find the serial number on the bottom of the case cover. 

As a precaution, write down the serial number of each Apple device you own. Another way to find the serial number is to use your iPhone. Go to Settings, then tap General, select About, and scroll down until you see Airpods. Select them, and you can see their serial number.

You can also find the serial number on the original packaging and receipt. So don't throw them away.


Go to the nearest Apple Store

If you've done everything listed here and the Airpods aren't working, don't buy a new pair yet. Instead, go to the vendor you bought the Airpods from and ask them to replace them. They may still allow you to replace the earbuds individually.

If at least one of the three main components of the Airpods works, it may be best to replace the parts that don't.

That said, if the Airpods are out of warranty and none of the parts work, you'll have to buy a brand new set.

Bottom line : save your Airpods

Airpods are a relatively expensive piece of technology that you don't want to break. It's so easy to forget them at the bottom of your jacket or in your gym shorts that you put straight in the wash when you get home, so make sure you check your clothes before you wash them, for the safety of your Airpods.

Not sure which one to choose? Airpods or Airpods Pro? Check out our article on the subject to find out which one best suits your needs